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We seek to do God's will through joyful outreach, hospitality, and spiritual growth that inspires.  


We are welcoming, joyful, and always growing in Christ.




We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, otherwise known as the ELCA.  


Some people wonder what the whole "Lutheran" thing is about, or avoid visiting because they did not grow up as Lutherans. The most important thing to know about Lutherans is that we are all about sharing, celebrating, and giving thanks for the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ


We gather weekly to share God's good news found in Scripture, to sing joyful, uplifting and meaningful songs, to pray for the world and for one another, to share the free gift of God's forgivenss and grace found in Christ's Holy Supper, and to be sent out together to love and serve this precious world God made.  


We know some people have felt unwelcome or judged by churches or felt like they had to have a certain sort of experience or say a certain kind of prayer to be truly "saved". At Bethlehem Lutheran Church, we recognize that we are all sinners and saints, wrapped up in a complex mix of humanity, and we are all beloved children of God.  You will find a warm welcome here as we join together to grow in Christ and serve our neighbors. 


We proclaim God's saving grace is always a free gift, not dependent on us saying the right things, thinking the right things, or even doing the right things.  In response to God's unconditional love and grace, we together strive to live as disciples of Jesus, giving thanks and using our gifts to serve others.  

We are a church that enjoys having fun together! Joy is part of our mission, and we make a point of embracing God's gift of joy, fun, and hilarity. We believe Jesus laughed with his friends!

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